Wednesday, 17 June 2015


We were quite keen to visit this pub as it is rated number one for Liss on Trip advisor. There are plenty of good pubs in the area, so we were hopeful of finding something special.

As I've said before, it can be tricky to get a true feel for a pub at lunchtime. It can often be quiet, and this was the case when we arrived. It was a nice enough pub, warm, comfortable, welcoming and with inoffensive music playing at the right level.

Some pubs will have the same menu for lunch and dinner. Some are big and some are small. Here there was certainly less to choose from than there would be in the evenings, but there was something for everyone. Fish and chips, sandwiches and the like, as well as a few things on the specials board. This included a goats cheese and red onion tart, which is what I went for. Dad had ham, egg and chips, he sees this as a good meal to judge a pub by.

It started to fill up a bit as we waited for the food. Before long it turned up. It was well presented and it was immediately obvious that they do things properly. 

My tart was homemade and tasty, the salad was fresh and well dressed, the chips were chips, I've made my feelings about pub chips clear in previous reviews. My Dad was happy enough with his allotted fodder, though not blown away.

I think over all, it is a pub that we would be happy to eat in again, though we probably won't be in any hurry. I'd like to come back in the evening and have a look at their full dinner menu.

Atmosphere   7
Service        7
Food            8
Value          8

Verdict       3.5*

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