Wednesday, 8 July 2015

THE SMUGGLERS INN - High Street, Milford on Sea

Me and Dad have decided to include input from trusted guest reviewers in order to expand our coverage. The first of these reviews was conducted at The Smugglers Inn in Milford on Sea. I was joined by Rachel, Tommy, Judith, Dawn and Hughsie for a Sunday lunch in the sunshine.

As the sun was shining, we decided to take a table in the ample beer garden, complete with impressive children's play area. After getting some drinks in, we deliberated the options presented on the menu. As I've previously mentioned, I am rather partial to a good roast dinner, and being Sunday, my choice was quick and easy. The other meals up for our collective scrutiny were the burger, jacket potato, baguettes and the classic ploughman's.

The ploughman's I was particularly interested in as you could choose from a selection of cheese and meats. There is also a traditional majesty to a meal of such humble beginnings. It almost makes you proud to be British, thinking of the noble farmer with his crusty bread and lump of cheese. Nostalgic fluff aside, it seems like the perfect choice for an outdoor Summer lunch. Luckily that's what Rachel went for which meant I could steal some of her bread.

The food arrived quicker than a Superman phone box costume change, and it looked good. The ploughman's and my roast were the first to appear.

We found it hard to wait for the rest of the food, trying very hard to stick to the laws of foodie politeness. We didn't have to wait too long before consuming could commence, and  consume I did, with no small measure of enjoyment may I add.

On the whole, the food was of a pretty high standard, though the burger may have let the side down a bit. Adjudged to be acceptable yet certainly not impressive, perhaps we found a chink in the Smugglers armour.

But on the up side, everything else was good. A very good roast, though we did have to ask for a Yorkshire pudding as I didn't have beef, tut tut. A rich and bountiful ploughman's and fresh crusty baguettes with well dressed salads.

All in all twas a solid showing, with a special nod to the roast potatoes. I've been here before and I will certainly come here again. 

Atmosphere   8
Service         8
Food            8
Value           8

Verdict        4*

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