Friday, 25 September 2015

THE ROBINHOOD INN - 26 The Green, Rowlands Castle

Today was George's birthday, so me, Rachel and Dad took him out for lunch. We went to The Robin hood Inn in Rowlands Castle as we knew it was good. Me and Dad had been there once before for lunch and were mightily impressed. This lead to a follow up trip where we tried their Sunday roast which was also wonderful.

There are a handful of tables scattered out the front of the pub, but though the sun was out, it wasn't quite warm enough to sit outside. There was plenty of space inside, so we picked a table and were promptly asked for a drinks order and handed the menus. It's an example of what a pub menu should be. A perfect blend of pub classics and original, interesting food. There was also a specials board to choose from. 

Between us we went for beef and mushy peas suit pudding, cauliflower cheese with crusty bread, 100% beef burger and rolled plaice stuffed with samphire on a sun kissed potato cake. I'm still not quite sure why the potato cake was sun kissed. The wait wasn't too long and when it arrived, the food was presented beautifully. 

George was trying a suit pudding for the first time and polished it off in no time. The gravy was rich and tasty and all the vegetables were cooked perfectly, including green beans, baby carrots and broccoli. Dad had the burger, which is something I don't think I've seen before, but he said it was a fine burger indeed. I could smell the cheesy goodness emanating from Rachel's cauliflower cheese, I even managed to nab a bit of her bread. It was warm, fresh and crusty, just like bread should be. My plaice was lovely. I know samphire is currently quite a trendy vegetable, but I do like it. 

There is no question that The Robin hood Inn is a good pub. It catches that perfect ground between the rustic and the contemporary and the food is consistently of a high quality. If you are ever in search of food in the Rowlands Castle area, The Robin hood is the place to go. 

Atmosphere 8
Service        7
Food           9
Value          8
Verdict       5*

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