Monday, 14 December 2015

THE CRICKETERS - 1 Church Road, Steep

After previously attempting to eat at the Cricketers, only to be told that food wasn't available due to a function, we returned to see what they could offer our empty stomachs.

This is a nice looking pub, with a rustic decor set off by stripped wooden tables and a fireplace, which unfortunately wasn't lit. It is also very light inside, unlike your typical dingy pub interior.

We had no trouble finding a table as we were the only people there, always a slight concern. A quick glance at the menu gave us a possible incite in to the reason for the vacuous nature of the establishment. We are I'm afraid back to our biggest bugbear. Everything was overpriced. To give you an idea, Dad ordered fish and chips and I had a chicken burger and chips. I'm sure you'll agree, neither of these are gastronomical wonders, nor do they take rare skills to prepare, yet they cost £12 each. You may think us fussy and that a few quid doesn't matter. Perhaps you would be right, but you can't justify charging that sort of money for those sort of dishes. We shall now concentrate on the food.

We couldn't really fault the food at all. My burger was beautiful, the chips were perfect and cooked, refreshingly, until nice and crisp. Even my side salad was good, kissed by a lovely pesto dressing. Dad's fish and chips were also good, his fish accompanied by a different species of chip to my burger. His were much more chunky and rustic. He was however slightly disappointed with the portion size. This is not to say that we demand vast mountains of chips, but it was on the small side, rubbing salt and vinegar in to the wound inflicted by the £12 price tag.

After our post-lunch deliberations, we have decided to award The Cricketers four stars, but we were left frustrated. Although the pub itself is lovely and the food very good, it is the smallest things which stop this becoming a five star pub. We couldn't believe that in the run up to Christmas in a beautiful country pub, you wouldn't have your open fire going, especially if you insist on having the back door open the whole time. The menu is at least 20% over priced, minimal effort had been made with Christmas decorations and Dad found the music quite annoying. The Cricketers is a nice pub, but they are a roaring fire, a shut door, an easy listening playlist, a Christmas tree and 20% off prices away from being a five star pub.

Atmosphere          6
Service                 7
Food                    8
Value                   6
Verdict                 4*

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