Friday, 15 April 2016

THE WHITE HORSE, (The pub with no name) - Petersfield

This is a pub I'd come across several times whilst surfing tinternet for unexplored pubs. Today, me and Dad were joined by a hairy little helper called Wookie, she's a dog. It was down to this fact that we ended up at The White Horse. I did a quick search for dog friendly pubs, and that was the first pub I found.

Firstly, this pub is really out of the way, sat-nav is highly recommended. Surrounded by fields, it immediately conjures up thoughts of centuries gone by, when pubs were pubs. Not surprising really, as the building is from the 17th century. It's a stunning pub, oozing with character and charm, earning it an award for most unspoilt pub. It has two bar areas and a restaurant, not to mention several roaring fireplaces. Unfortunately our visit was blighted by some dreadful whether, but if you were lucky enough to go on a warm sunny day, there are plenty of tables outside, and there may not be a better place in our fair counties to enjoy a pint and some wonderful home cooked food.

The menu offers a range of pub classics, as well as some more inventive options. There's also a specials board, which is what I chose from. I went for a chicken kiev stuffed with spinach and smoked cheese. It came with real homemade chips and a salad. Dad opted for the steak pie with colcannon. While we waited, we discussed our thoughts, both agreeing that everything was good. If I was to be Mr Picky, I'd like a bit of background music. It was very quiet, as in hearing the clock ticking, and it felt as though everyone was a bit subdued, aware that you could hear every word that was said.

When the food was placed before us, we knew everything was going to be alright. My kiev was immense and the chips were perfect. Dad's pie was also of the immense variety while his mash was beautifully made. An average meal here will set you back between £12 and £13, but we would happily pay that all day long. Considering the pub itself, the surroundings and the food, it was an absolute pleasure to spend a lunchtime at The White Horse, A.K.A, The Pub With No Name. On their website they say they serve some of the best food in Petersfield, we think they can get rid of the "some of", and just say they do sell the best food in Petersfield. Partner that with one of the best looking pubs you'll find and the beautiful countryside it resides in, and it becomes clear this is a pub you simply have to visit, and if you can do it on a sunny day, all the better.

Atmosphere          8
Service                 9
Food                    9
Value                   9
Verdict                 5*

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