Thursday, 9 March 2017

THE OLD HOUSE AT HOME - 2 South Street, Havant

We spent a lovely sunny afternoon here a few years back, and I have since visited several times on nights out. It was now time to give this pub the gastrohub treatment.

This visit was not accompanied by a warming sun, so there would be no lazy alfresco dining for us this time. We ventured inside, acquired drinks and menus, then went in search of the perfect table, whilst being mindful of the low ceilings. We like the way this pub is set out. At first it seems quite small, but as you journey through the various segments, it becomes clear that first appearances are deceptive. As well as the individual areas of the pub itself, there is also an ample garden out the back and a nice undercover arrangement. We found ourselves a table in the corner, right next to the open fire. We sat down to cast our eyes over the menus, duly noting that the pub was warm and comfortable, unlike several pubs we have visited of late.

As the size of the pub is deceptive, so is the food on offer. The Old House at Home has no pretence about it, neither does it try to be a restaurant. It knows it is a pub, but it just so happens that they have decided to do food and do it properly. The menu is varied and interesting, with mains averaging around £12. I picked out the chicken with cabbage, baby potatoes and a tarragon sauce. Dad went for one of his favourites, ham, egg and chips.

It was an encouraging sign that the pub steadily filled with people choosing to come here for their lunch, lending extra expectation. That expectation was to be met and exceeded. My chicken was perfectly cooked, as were the potatoes and cabbage, and the sauce was amazing, a faultless plate of food. If I enjoyed my food, Dad was on cloud nine. His home made chips, two eggs and most importantly, mountain of high quality ham had him purring like a happy kitten. He also struggled to get through his sizable portion.

We half expected that all would be well before we set foot back in this pub. It did however surpass any expectations we had harboured. The pub itself has a lovely feel about it. It does exactly what you want a pub to do, wrapping you up in that special atmospheric blanket like only a good pub can. Also the food was wonderful, absolutely without fault. We would happily come back for more, and we would happily recommend that you do the same.

Atmosphere                   8
Service                          8
Food                             9
Value                            9
Verdict                          5*


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