Thursday, 15 June 2017

THE GRETHAM INN - Petersfield Rd, Liss

This one has been on our, "To visit", list for some time. It also qualifies as one of the rare pubs which neither me or my dear old Dad have never visited. Eager to fill this missing gap, we set off in the pursuit of food and truth.

The village of Gretham may not be one that you are all familia with. The main thing is, like all good villages, it has a pub. Once inside, it became clear that this is a charming little pub, with a character filled brick fireplace and oak beams. We ordered drinks and collected menu's from one of the friendly staff, then made our way to a table with our metaphorical names on it. That is when the serious work began.

We had read through the lunch menu before entering, a copy being conveniently displayed by the front door. I must confess, we did then debate whether to take our journey any further at that point, the menu being on the short and unimaginative side. But like the brave soldiers we are, we headed in regardless, seeking the secrets within. There were sandwiches, jackets and omelettes on offer, but if you needed something more substantial, you would be very limited. On the up side, the prices were reasonable, everything on offer for less than £10. Dad was happy to go with one of his favourites, ham, egg and chips. In the quest for the spirit of accommodation, Dad asked if it would be possible to get some fish and chips, even though, surprisingly, it wasn't on the menu. To their credit, this was given the okay, and our destiny was sealed.

A pointer to any publicans who may be reading, with regards to atmosphere. Having no music in a quiet pub is a no no. That is made in to a triple no if you can however hear music coming from the kitchen. Sadly this was the case whilst we waited. The food didn't take too long to arrive, but then the pub wasn't too busy. Firstly, extra points for home made chips, a nice touch which is always appreciated on these pages. The ham was good quality and the fish was okay, elements of the batter being slightly doughy. There wasn't really too much wrong with the food, yet it wasn't by any means earth shattering. To be honest and fair, as we always are, it is pretty much what you would expect for the price. Two decent plates of food for a decent price. Can't say fairer than that.

The evening menu here may indeed be more expansive, but bear in mind, if you are out for lunch, and on the lookout for something imaginative and substantial, you may be disappointed here. If on the other hand you are happy with an omelette or a sandwich, this would be a nice pub to quell your hunger. It's a charming pub, with friendly staff, and a garden for those Summer days.

Atmosphere          6
Service                 8
Food                    7
Value                   7
Verdict                 3.5*

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