Friday, 29 May 2015

THE SHIP INN - Langstone Road

This is a lovely pub to come to when the sun is shining, with countless tables strewn along the water's edge. Unfortunately for us, the sun was most definitely not shining. In fact there was so much water falling out the sky I was contemplating building an arc. 

The Ship does what so many pubs in its position fail to do, that is specialising in the fresh fish which is quite literally available on their doorstep. If you are a fan of fish, you will be spoiled for choice. We got a table and started a tab, where inexplicably my Dad became Mr Humble. The first thing that struck us was how cold it was inside, to the point that we both kept our coats on for the duration.

The next thing that struck us was the prices on the menu. The special board advertised a range of fish dishes all costing around £15, I think this is too much for a pub. Even the sandwiches were around £6.50. You could maybe get away with that if your sandwich came with an impressive salad, but they didn't, just three or four green leaves.

The Ship Inn is a lovely old pub steeped in tradition and it is in a wonderful location, but it was basically too cold and too expensive. The perfect place to sit outside on a Summers day, watching the sea, but if you're going to eat here make sure you bring your trousers with deep pockets. The food is good here, but not good enough to warrant the price.
Atmosphere   7
Service             7
Food             8
Value           6

Verdict         3.5*

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