Friday, 29 May 2015


This is what you call a country pub. A cosy, rustic building with a roaring fire. It wasn't busy when me and my Dad went inside looking to be fed, but the landlord was very friendly and welcoming. You can generally get a feel as to how things are going to pan out after studying the menu. In a perfect world, you would have a choice from the regular pub classics and other things which spark your interest and make you want to try something new. You also want to see attention to detail and for everything to be made in house where possible. All these boxes were ticked by The White Lion's menu.

The food was delicious and fairly priced, but the one thing that stood out for me, and bare with me here, were the chips. I am aware that chips are not at the zenith of culinary skill, but ask yourself...How many times have you had a really good chip? And I mean a really good chip. When it becomes a valid and equal part of your meal rather than a bulky filler that takes up half your plate.

The humble chip can be a wonderful thing when done properly. Unfortunately I can count on one hand the places which can pull off such a feat. The only other pub which can rival these chips is The Farmer Inn in Catherington. I even spoke to the landlord about how much I loved his chips, and he told me how they were made by hand after being pealed in the local chip shop.

This is without doubt a pub that we would happily come back to. I would be especially interested to sample their Sunday roast, I bet it's brilliant.

Atmosphere   8
Service            8
Food                 9
Value               8

Verdict        5*

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