Monday, 25 May 2015

THE WOODPECKER - London Road, Waterlooville

If you'd have asked me about the food at The Woodpecker a few weeks ago, I would have waxed lyrical about how bad their food was. The last two times I went there I couldn't even finish what I had ordered. 

This was a particular shame because a matter of months before they had changed their menu, opting for fresh proper food which was wonderful. I was thinking how lucky we were to have another good food pub nearby, but after a few months the new menu was scrapped in favour of cheap and easy meals. 

This led to the worst pub food I have ever encountered and I vowed never to return. However, the pub has recently had a refurb and has launched a new menu. It only seemed fair to give them one more chance. The menu sounded promising, and when the food arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. It looked good and tasted good. 

This is not to say that the pub have any aspirations of high quality, freshly prepared food, but they have chosen a level and are doing it well. Unfortunately, the level they have chosen will never be enough to get out of League 1. This is without doubt though a massive improvement and if they can keep it up I might even be back for more.  

Atmosphere   8
Service          9
Food              7
Value            7

Verdict         3*

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